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The difference between translation and interpretation

traducere si interpretare

Our offer of translation services is wide because we know how important communication is in order to make ourselves understood. We also know that some of the terminology used in our field can sometimes be confusing to people who are unfamiliar with it. That is why we want to explain in detail the difference between translating and interpreting a language.

What is a linguistic translation?

Language translation is the process of converting written words from one language into another, in a culturally and linguistically appropriate way for the target audience to understand. When translating a text from one language to another, we completely adapt the content to suit whatever cultural context we are referring to. We try as much as possible for the target text to keep the same word order, meaning and style as the source.

What is a linguistic interpretation?

When we translate a text into another language, we translate the written word. Interpretation is more about speech and has the task of facilitating communication between two people who speak different languages regardless of the chosen mode of communication. Professional interpreters must translate the source language (to be translated) into context, keeping the original meaning, but remodeling the text in ways that the target audience can understand. The only resources of an interpreter are experience, a good memory and quick reflexes

5 differences between translation and linguistic interpretation

  1. Form

The role of interpretation is to manage the spoken language in real time, while the translation services that offers are based on the translation of a text.

  1. Delivery
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The interpretation takes place on the spot and can be done by phone or video call. Translation, on the other hand, can take place after the text has been created. This gives translators enough time to use reference technologies and materials to edit accurate, high-quality translations.

  1. Accuracy

Interpretation requires a slightly lower level of translation accuracy. Interpreters consider the perfection of the translation, but it is a challenge difficult to achieve in a live – part of the speech may not have the same language for the target audience. While translating the text requires special attention, using appropriate language, and translators review the text several times before sending it to the client.

  1. Direction

Interpreters must know both the source language and the target language very well, because they are required to translate into both languages instantly, without the help of reference materials. Professional translators usually work on a single directive, namely their mother tongue.

  1. Transmitting information

Talking in metaphors and analogies on the text to resonate with the target audience are challenges that both interpreters and translators face. In addition, performers must capture the tone, inflections, voice quality and other unique elements of the spoken word and then convey to the audience this verbal clue.

How can traduceriacp help you?

We have extensive experience in the field of translations from German, English into Romanian and vice versa. We have offered translation services for various private and state companies. We translated medical documents, offers, contracts, CVs and together we managed to overcome linguistic and cultural obstacles. If you need a professional translator, please contact us to find out more about you and the special challenge you face and to offer you a solution that works for you.

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