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Book translation and the importance of translation in several languages

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Although books are no longer in high demand today, there are still writers who want to put their thoughts and emotions on paper. In order to reach as many readers as possible, some writers tend to look for specialized book translation companies. The translation of the book is an important step in the career of any writer, so that this allows him to reach as many readers as possible, subsequently increasing the sales of the work. I know how much time and effort a writer puts into writing a book, so it is normal for the work to be translated into several languages ​​with the same devotion. If you do not speak a foreign language very well, translating a book can be a challenge. Since you don’t do the translation yourself, who can you trust? A company specialized in book translation is which can help you in this regard. We have experience in book translation for local and international authors and we know how to translate successful books.

Some reasons why you should choose to translate your book

Many Romanian authors who choose to publish their book only in Romanian lose the opportunity to sell their books abroad. Through the translation of the book into languages of international circulation, they can achieve significantly higher sales, connect with other writers, address a wider audience, and generate interest in future books. That’s why don’t hesitate to turn to a professional translator for translating books for the general public. Thus you can get a correct translation both grammatically and in terms of interpretation without changing the narrative thread of the work. To get a quick book translation, you can send your manuscript directly from the contact form on the website, and our team will take care of the translation immediately.

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How do you choose the team to translate your book?

When you have decided to translate the book into several languages such as English, German it is best to contact an agency that offers translation services. So you can be sure that you will have an adequate and correct translation of the book. Don’t waste your time writing the book when it comes to translation. An inadequate book translation can cost you a lot. When entrusting the book to a translation agency make sure that:

  • Specify your expectations
  • Set a clear deadline
  • Find out if you have full translation rights
  • Ask if they have translated books similar to yours in the past
  • Make sure there are no additional costs at the end
  • Ask if they have translated other books for the international market and ask for samples of published works
  • Find out what the process looks like and determine how often you can communicate with the translation company.

The team of is made up of specialists with experience in book translation and much more. We know how to adapt translations to resonate with your readers, so that only a professional translator can communicate the message without compromising the original text. However, working with a professional book translation agency guarantees that you will work with the best translators who will provide you with the highest quality services.

We offer professional translations

We offer professional translation services for documents certified with an Apostille, in Romanian or from English to German and vice versa for private persons and legal entities. We specialize in the translation of legal documents, notarized translations with Apostille, commercial documents, from contracts and agreements to legal correspondence, certified translations of official documents, and translation of websites. You can contact us by visiting our website for more details. You can contact us both by phone and using the contact form where you can tell us what notarized translations you need.

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