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Translations of Covid-19 tests and decisions confirming the isolation measure

Translation of Covid-19 tests as a matter of urgency

We know that during this period it is very difficult for you to travel abroad. That’s why we come to your aid by offering you translation services for Covid and RT-PCR medical tests. More and more countries have introduced the need to present at the entrance to the country a medical certificate, written in the language of the destination country, attesting to a negative result of Covid-19 or RT-PCR medical tests.

We urgently translate COVID tests from Romanian into English / German for clients from all over the country.

traducere teste covid

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Translations of Covid-19 tests and decisions confirming the isolation measure

Translations for the Covid-19 test can be requested with urgent delivery in the following languages: German, English, Spanish, French. We deliver translations quickly by email, with the signature and stamp of the authorized translator, within 1-2 hours of order confirmation and payment. This type of document does not require notarization.

Testing for COVID-19 before travel

We know very well how limited travel abroad has become since the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, travel abroad still takes place, often with new strict regulations regarding your health and especially if you suffer from any of the typical symptoms similar to COVID-19.

traducere teste covid germana
traducere teste covid

How do we translate the results of the Covid test ?
If you want to travel to another country, any document you need to enter that country, including a COVID-19 certificate, must be translated by a certified translator into the language of that country. Many countries require that documents be translated by a licensed translator who can be relied upon for honesty and accuracy.


That is why at you have the guarantee of the correct translations. You can order very easily. Send us a picture or a scan of the document on the e-mail

Frequent questions


The number of pages of the source document and the number of pages of the translated document (target) may be different, so it is best to send us the document to be translated when you request its translation so that we can make a correct price estimate.

Translations are made for a wide range of documents depending on the client’s needs: civil status documents, study documents, car documents, medical documents, bank documents, notary documents, various articles or works, etc.

One standard page has 2000 characters, spaces included.

Certified translations contain the conclusion, signature and stamp of the translator certifying the correctness of the translation and legalized translations contain the conclusion of the translator and the stamp of the notary public certifying that the translator is authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Justice and that the specimen signature and stamp of the translator is truthful. In order to legalize the translations by the notary, it is necessary to present the original document together with the translated one when the legalization is performed.

We work with a complete list of file formats, both editable texts and images. These include (but are not limited to): Adobe PDF (.pdf); Microsoft Office formats: Word (.doc / .docx), MS Excel (.xls / .xlsx), MS Powerpoint (.ppt / .pptx), MS Publisher (.pub / .pubx); OpenDocument formats (.odt, .ods, .odp); Web pages (.htm, .html, .php etc); A wide range of image formats (.jpg, .gif, .tif, .png, .bmp, .psd, .tga, etc.)

The price of the translated document is calculated primarily according to the number of pages, the price may vary depending on the desired delivery time but also on the language used in the document for which the translation is requested.

The delivery time can vary from 1-2 hours in the case of urgent, small documents, up to a few days or even weeks in the case of documents that have a large volume of pages.

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