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Certified translations and why do you need them?

traduceri certificate

A simple internet search will find many translation companies that can offer you certified translation services. But many of the people I’ve been in contact with lately are confused about the term “certified translations” and what it means. It is not a term used in any ordinary conversation and that is why you need to know what it refers to. In this article we explain what certified translations mean, when you need this document and why.

certificari documente
traduceri certificate

What are certified translations?

A certified translation is a translated work that includes a statement signed by the person who made the translation. The statement demonstrates that the translated paper contains the entire contents of the source document. The statement must state that it is a translation exactly like the source document when juxtaposed with the original document in the source language. Professional translators and translation companies are already familiar with these certified translations and are able to translate the source material into the desired language no matter what it will be used for. That is why in certain circumstances you will need a certification from the translation company. The translator must know the linguistic terms and master the subject. You need to keep this in mind when working with a translation company or a certified translator for important documents such as government documents or legal documents. Make sure they are knowledgeable in the field so they know the jargon and domain-specific terms for which certified translations are made.

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legalizare documente
legalizare documente

Why do you need certify translations?

If you are looking for a translation company for certified translations of documents, it is essential to call an experienced company. is a translation company that offers you quality services for certified translations, so you will receive the documents you need quickly and translated exactly with the original document. Certified translations are required when you want to apply for a visa, emigrate to another country, etc. As a general rule, certified translations are useful when you appear before a state institution and run into legal issues. In other conditions such as the translation of documents for personal purposes, certified translations are not required

Could any translator or translation company provide certified translations?

Any translator can certify a document. These certified translations are usually presented with a signed statement from a translator or translation company. The signed declaration is legalized, especially for government documents. A certified translation becomes legal when it is authenticated by a notary. Although any translator can certify their work does not mean that you can address anyone who offers the requested services. Because you are dealing with important, sensitive documents, our recommendation is to trust only the best.

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