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Notarized translations with Apostille, certified translations Bucharest

traducere documente apostila

The Apostille is a 9 cm square stamp or sticker, which is applied directly to the notarized document. The Apostille of the documents is provided by the Hague Convention of 1961 by which the Apostille replaces the superlegalization of documents and attests the veracity of official documents issued by the signatory states of the Convention, including Romania. When documents are used in other countries you need legalized translations with the Apostille to provide truthfulness on the content of the documents. Occasionally, the Apostille may be requested for translation into English, German or even the language in which the document was written.

What do you have to know about notarized translation with Apostille?

Our notarized translation services with Apostille certify the truthfulness of documents in the signatory countries of the Hague Convention of 1961. We have the necessary training and help you with legalized translations with Apostille when another state requires you to submit such a document. If you intend to do business abroad, or move, study in another country, we can offer you legalized translations with the Apostille for any document you need. Our ACP Translations company has the necessary experience to provide you with accurate and accurate notarized Apostille translations as soon as possible.

What countries request notarized translations with Apostille?

Not all countries will require notarized Apostille translations of documents, as they are used only in member countries of the 1961 Hague Convention. The Apostille was created to simplify the acceptance of documents by other signatory countries and to certify the veracity of the original documents. If the Apostille is attached to a birth certificate or marriage certificate, these documents no longer need to be further legalized.

What kind of translations can bear an Apostille?

Legalized translations of official documents issued by a public authority, which have been translated by an authorized translator, may be Apostille. The documents that can bear an Apostille are:

– Notarized copies of some documents

– Translations of identity documents: identity card, passport, driving license

– Translations of diplomas

– Translations of transcripts of records

– Criminal record translations

– Fiscal record translations

–  Translations of power of attorney documents

Why choose Traduceri ACP notarized translations office?

We offer professional translation services notarized with an Apostille, in Romanian or from English to German and viceversa for natural persons and legal entities. We specialize in the translation of legal documents, notarized translations with Apostille, commercial documents, from contracts and agreements to legal correspondence, certified translations of official documents, and translation of websites. You can contact us by visiting our website for more details. You can contact us both by phone and using the contact form where you can tell us what legal translations you need

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